Is a powerful bitcoin push notification service for building real time bitcoin applications. Bitsocket lets you subscribe to any pattern of realtime bitcoin transactions through Bitquery and build apps that are driven by the event.

Using bitsocket as a bitcoin message bus, it is possible to construct various bitcoin application architectures through message piping:

Bitcoin AppBuild applications that listen to and run on various Bitcoin events

Bitcoin App 3rd party APIBuild applications that listen to Bitcoin events and trigger 3rd party APIs

Bitcoin App BitcoinBuild apps that listen to certain patterns of transactions, and then trigger another bitcoin transaction in response. Create a looping program on Bitcoin.

App1 Bitcoin App2Create apps that communicate with one another through Bitcoin transactions. To communicate, App1 can send an immutable message to App2 by making a bitocin transaction, to which App2 is listening and triggers its own custom action in response. Like Inter-process calls (IPC), but for Bitcoin.

  1. Transform
    Bitsocket transforms every incoming raw bitcoin transaction into a structured format that can be filtered, transformed, and programmed, in realtime.
  2. Eventify
    All the clients plugged into bitsocket subscribe with their own application-specific filter powered by Bitquery, a Turing complete bitcoin query language. Bitsocket takes the transformed transaction object from the previous step and programmatically turns it into application-specific events in realtime.
  3. Push
    Each transformed event from the previous step is pushed to the corresponding application via SSE (Server Sent Events). The apps can be anything from a mobile app to web app to server side app to a hardware device.