Bitcoin Sticker Protocol


The Bitcoin sticker protocol lets you associate non-Bitcoin resources with Bitcoin. You can use the protocol to declare ownership or affiliation of non-Bitcoin resources, objects, services, agents that exist outside of the Bitcoin universe.

The best part: You too can trivially implement this for your website or api, TODAY.


For version 0.0.1, we start only with the basic attributes (This may be extended in the future):

  1. Bitcoin transaction id: bitcoin-tx
  2. Bitcoin address: bitcoin-address


1. Magnetize Everything with Bitcoin

One important benefit of uploading things to Bitcoin is that you effectively turn them into traceable, monetizable, and interoperable objects that live forever on the blockchain with forever immutable references.

However, not everything can be easily turned into a transaction, and not everything needs to be turned into a transaction today. This includes legacy HTTP-based web pages, open data, dynamic API endpoints, ephemeral resources, etc.

For these objects we need a way to “magnetize” them with Bitcoin world somehow WITHOUT turning them into a Bitcoin transaction.

2. Associate Bitcoin Identity to non-Bitcoin endpoints

Many times you may want to attach a Bitcoin address identity to your APIs so people can pay for usage somehow. The existing solutions are primitive and not processible by machines, therefore requiring manual payment.

By using a standard header format, we not only can make this easy for humans but also for machines and agents to automatically make payments to ANY offchain resources, automatically and programmatically.