Topologically Ordered Bitcoin Database

Topologically Ordered Bitcoin Database (using a relative timeline, ie. event a before b… this means causality).

Similar to Genesis, as it’s a structured database constructed from Bitcoin, which not only contains the transaction graph, but also indexes every single push data to make them easily queryable for any kind of Bitcoin application. If you want to know about Gensis, read here

Until now, there have been three chronological ways to sort transactions throughout various Planarian nodes:

  1. Block Time: blk.t in Genesis, Babel, etc.
  2. Block Height: blk.i in Genesis, Babel, etc.
  3. Real World Time: timestamp in Chronos

Note that blk.t and timestamp are absolute times, whereas blk.i is relative time.

And now with Neon Genesis, we get access to relative time WITHIN a block. Here’s an easy way to visualize how Neon Genesis works: