Bitbus Bitcoinless Bitcoin Computing

So what is Bitbus? Instead of having to run a full Bitcoin node (hundreds of GB and soon TB), you can instantly create your own filtered replication using Bitquery in seconds. Only store what you need for your app. Instead of hundreds of GB, you store a few MB.

In the past, companies used to see user data as competitive advantage, because they literally own their user data. All the services explicitly specify in their TOS that they own their user data. This is how the web era companies used to make money. By owning user data.

The goal for Bitbus is to become a SECURE and TRUSTWORTHY Bitcoin full node alternative for app developers.

Bitbus is likeĀ Serverless Computing, but for Bitcoin.


Build your app or a smart wallet backend without running a Bitcoin full node.


Bitbus auto-synchronizes your local file system with a filtered version of the blockchainusing Bitquery.

This means you don’t have to store everything. You only need to synchronize what you need for your app.


Bitbus is for building your OWN system.

All the data is live-synchronized to your local machine as flat files, which you can then feed into various programs.

Read the full documentation here