Content Creation

  • Open Directory: Earn money by organizing links on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.
  • Streamanity: A YouTube competitor enabling content creators to earn BSV from their video content.
  • TrueReviews: Earn bitcoin from your high-quality consumer reviews.
  • Twetch: A BSV-powered social media platform that incentivizes good content, and an interface to Bitcoin.
  • Weiblock: A popular Asian based BSV-powered social network featuring Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and English languages.
  • Yours: A monetized blogging platform that rewards creating or discovering great content.
  • AudioB: Discover and share original audio created by independent music producers, podcasters, DJs and more. Reward your favourite artists with micro-payments, powered by Bitcoin SV.
  • Memo SV: Bitcoin Social Network with blockchain identity
  • PowPing : Social Bitcoin Network. (NEW)

Online Commerce & Marketplaces

  • ClassifiedSV: A Metanet inspired classified ad board where users can buy, sell and trade.
  • FiveBucks: A freelance marketplace to hire creative professionals.
  • TonicPoW:Earn advertising and affiliate payments from your websites made possible by bitcoin.


  • Bitcoin SV Developers: Offer your bitcoin consulting or developer “office hour” services to help others launch their business ideas and projects on the blockchain!
  • Codugh: For developers, earn bitcoin by monetizing the APIs that you build and deploy.
  • UpTimeSV: Earn bitcoin by providing your mobile device’s power to assist businesses with uptime monitoring of their websites and technology networks.


  • Peergame Use your Bitcoin SV wallet & enjoy the lightning-fast crypto casino experience